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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary hosting virtual summit for the next generation of farmers 

The plant-based food industry is exploding in response to the demand for a more sustainable, equitable food system that is not dominated by a handful of megacorporations. The Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP) Summit was created to bring together thought-leaders from business, science, government and medicine to share scalable and scientifically-backed solutions. This 4th annual summit will feature a discussion surrounding how the next generation of farmers can convert their land away from animal-based business models. The day will be hosted by Renee King-Sonnen, founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and RAP, and co-hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell, founder of UnchainedTV, a digital news network to promote animal rights. 

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AG Majors, FFAs And Pro Ranchers Invited To Rancher Advocacy Talk

The third annual Central Coast VegFest, held from 10a – 5p at SLOUMC on Saturday, February 15th will host a special guest speaker from Waelder, Texas: Renee King-Sonnen, Founder of non-profit Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and the Rancher Advocacy Program(RAP). King-Sonnen will speak at 1:15 p.m. at 1515 Fredericks Street in San Luis Obispo about the steps she took to help her husband Tommy, a multi-generation cattle rancher, convert his land to a more environmentally-friendly and conscientious operation.

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