What is the Rancher Advocacy Program?

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has become a beacon of hope in Texas for rancher families, and around the globe as a result of a transformational shift that founder Renee, a cattle rancher’s wife had on Tommy her husband (a multi-generational cattle rancher), after going vegan and being unwilling to participate in the business of animal agriculture. Their story went viral when Renee bought her husband’s cows, Tommy adopted a plant-based diet, and they started a nonprofit farm sanctuary that saved rather than slaughtered the animals they used raise as food. See the CBS EVENING NEWS Story and ABC NEW YORK – MORE IN COMMON for more info on this transformation. Because their story went viral, Renee and Tommy’s story landed in the laps of farmers and ranchers all over the country. As a result of an organic swell of calls and messages from rancher families, we are introducing the  Rancher Advocacy Program  designed to be a platform for complex issues that arise when family members:

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Rancher Advocacy Program

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