Rancher Advocacy Program

Once in a generation there’s a convergence of the right people and the right idea, and these elements come together at the right time and in the right place. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary (RGS) and Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP) are shining examples of this convergence.  Rowdy Girl Sanctuary (RGS) was born from a rancher’s wife’s love for a calf, Rowdy Girl.  Feeding and caring for Rowdy Girl opened Renee’s eyes and heart to the land and the other animals who live on it. Renee King-Sonnen, founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, created the world’s first successful cattle ranch transition to a non-profit sanctuary model. Her husband, Tommy, joined RGS as co-founder once he transitioned to vegan. RGS’s transition and success is special and Renee recognized a need for there to be a way for other ranchers and animal farmers to transition, too. Renee knew… NOW IS THE TIME – “it’s time to Rescue Ranches.”

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is not just the first model of successful transition. It is the primary investor in a program that guides, supports and invests in other animal farms. Our objectives are clear and focused – to transition ranches and farms away from animal agriculture, save their animals and provide a compassionate, financially stable means of living and ranching. Last year on July 18th, Renee and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary launched the Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP). Today – one year later – three more ranches are transitioning with more ranches in the works for 2020 and beyond. Join us in saying Happy Birthday to RAP by clicking on the Donate button below and choosing the area of RGS and RAP that speaks to your heart the most via our dropdown list under “Customize your donation”. Your donation helps RGS and RAP continue our work of rescuing the ranchers and every dollar goes directly to the campaign of your choice. Thank you, our supporters, for helping us continue our good work!  Be sure to come back on August 15th when we launch our entire Rancher Advocacy Program website!!

RAP Roadmap

See how we plan to continue the evolution of the Rancher Advocacy Program.


In February of 2015, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary transitioned from a cattle ranch to a non-profit sanctuary.


In July, the Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP) begins.


Year One

Three more ranches across the United States are in transition. Two ranches are in Texas, one is in Arkansas.

The Agriculture Fairness Alliance begins.


RAP Summit and evoL

RAP launches a US-wide strategic platform for bringing RAP to your state.  In fall 2020, RAP launches its first RAP Summit as well as the RAP evoL activist training and certification program.



Our first goal is to present and pass our first animal agriculture bill in support of ranchers transitioning under the Rancher Advocacy Program. Our second goal is to have twenty ranches across the United States in the RAP program. 


RAP launches a global strategic platform for bringing RAP to any country in the world.


A new type of sanctuary

Present data and propose a new sanctuary model that can support large scale numbers of animals leaving factory farms.


A new type of government subsidy

It’s time to transition government grants and support away from animal agriculture and into support for a new, veganic model.

“It’s time to Rescue Ranches.”

– Renee King-Sonnen

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