About RAP

Rancher Advocacy Program is the direct result of the transformational evolution Renee King-Sonnen, Rancher Advocacy Program and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary founder, had when she went vegan and decided she was unwilling to participate in her husband Tommy’s multi-generational cattle business.

The Rancher Advocacy Program began when Renee bought her husband Tommy’s cows that lead to Tommy’s personal evolution as he went vegan. Together they started the first non-profit farm sanctuary that transitioned from animal agriculture that now saves rather than slaughters animals.  Because of this, Renee’s and Tommy’s story made its way into farmers’ and ranchers’ homes all over the country. As a result of an organic outpouring of calls and messages from families wanting to transition from animal agriculture to a financially stable, environmentally-friendly way of life while preserving their culture and history, the Rancher Advocacy Program was born.


The Rancher Advocacy Program is designed to be a platform that addresses complex issues that arise when farm and rancher family members:

  • Experience emotional conflict regarding the animals that are being raised for slaughter and the personal role they are playing in the larger system in which their families participate.
  • See the reasons – health, ethical, environmental, financial, social – for abandoning the practice of raising animals for slaughter and want to transition away from animal agriculture and the practices associated with factory and family farms.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is an inspiration and beacon of hope throughout the United States and globally for rancher families, and those who wish to work towards the systemic shift away from animal agriculture.