Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is the story of a beef cattle ranch that had a vegan change of heart. 

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The Rancher Advocacy Program 

As former ranchers, we frequently get calls from ranchers and farmers who also want to stop killing animals but don’t know how. The Rancher Advocacy Program is our solution for them. By becoming a member, you will support us in helping farmers and ranchers transition out of animal agriculture and into plant based agriculture. 

Check out this video of two of our farmers in transition:


Families Choosing Compassion 

As a sanctuary, we also get calls from students and parents in FFA and 4H, who do not want to send their animals to slaughter but who don’t know how to rescue them. Our FCC program is our solution for them, and by becoming a member you will support us in eventually embedding this program in our school system. 

Check out this video on the program:


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