Traylor Cows Reunited

There is nothing like seeing cows reunited after being separated—-in today’s world it is rare that a family of bovine will ever get to see their brothers and sisters again after being separated. To watch your brothers and sisters slaughtered or to see them bought and sold to the highest bidder at cattle auctions is so heartbreaking.

Texas Cattle Ranch Transitioning in Huntsville, Texas

Cindy and Richard Traylor are living on land that has been in Richards family for over 6 generations. Cattle ranching has always been the way its done on the Traylor Ranch until now!

Starlove Ranch

Hollie and Davey are vegan regenerative ranchers and Davey comes from a 6th generation cattle ranching family where hunting and cow/calf operations have been the normal course of business. But not anymore! The herds stories and their unique relationships is what finally convinced them both that they couldn’t continue the family tradition of cattle ranching.

Starlove Ranch is on track to have one of the most unique vegan wedding venues in the country. And during the midst of a pandemic I cant think of a better place to be with the love of your life. Its outdoors and the vegan vibe there is contagious!

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