Rowdy Girl Sanctuary hosting virtual summit for the next generation of farmers 

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc.
July 18, 2022 

Contact: Renee King-Sonnen, Founder & Executive Director
Mobile: (281) 684-9101
Email: [email protected]


Rowdy Girl Sanctuary hosting virtual summit for the next generation of farmers 

The plant-based food industry is exploding in response to the demand for a more sustainable, equitable food system that is not dominated by a handful of megacorporations. The Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP) Summit was created to bring together thought-leaders from business, science, government and medicine to share scalable and scientifically-backed solutions. This 4th annual summit will feature a discussion surrounding how the next generation of farmers can convert their land away from animal-based business models. The day will be hosted by Renee King-Sonnen, founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and RAP, and co-hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell, founder of UnchainedTV, a digital news network to promote animal rights. 

The event will feature a special appearance by farmers Jennifer and Rodney Barrett, whose poultry farm is currently being transitioned into a state-of-the-art-mushroom growing operation by the RAP team. This project will serve as an unprecedented model for other farmers to transition. 

Panelists will include Connie Spence of the Agriculture Fairness Alliance, a national advocacy organization lobbying for policies to make plant-based foods more accessible and affordable; Carl Jorgensen of the Plant Based Foods Institute which helps businesses drive a shift to a plant-based food system; David Ebert of Animal Defense Partnership which provides pro-bono counsel for animal protection charities; Denis Vidmar, whose expertise is guiding the Barrett Farm transition, is founder of The Mushroom Hub, a fungi company; Jacque Salomon of Seeds to Inspire Foundation which provides education about healthful foods and lifestyle to the Covid-19 vulnerable and those affected by climate destabilization; and Eloisa Trinidad of Chili’s on Wheels which works to make Veganism accessible to communities in need through food relief, policy, education, and mentorship.

The event will include a preview of the feature length documentary film Rowdy Girl directed by Jason Goldman and executive produced by Moby. Pat Brown, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Impossible Foods, will also join us for a fireside chat. 

What: Rancher Advocacy Program Summit
Where: Virtual
When: Saturday, July 30th @ 10 a.m. PDT
Cost: $25 general / $15 students all level
Register:RAP Register

Live Broadcast with Jane Velez-Mitchell: Unchainedtv – Home | Facebook

Live on Facebook: Rancher Advocacy Program – Home | Facebook


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Mission Statement: 

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary (RGS) provides sanctuary to farm animals at risk of being slaughtered and promotes an ethical vegan lifestyle. RGS seeks to educate the public on plant-based options, FFA/4H, factory farming practices and the devastating impact of animal agriculture on the environment.