Transition Organizations

Many ranchers are facing the same decision you are.  Here are a list of organizations that are emerging which help farmers like you.


Refarm’d is a plant-based drink subscription service, sourced lovingly from ex-dairy farmers. They work with farmers to make the transition from cows’ milk to the production of plant based drinks, and at the same time convert their farmland into animal sanctuaries.

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Grow Green

We are facing a climate emergency. A credible response must include rapid and strong reductions in emissions from food and farming; the United Nations. The Grow Green campaign aims to change policy to tackle the problems we face with a shift towards plant-based agriculture and other sustainable forms of land management.

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A growing number of farmers want to switch from raising animals to growing plants. At the same time, startups are racing to create meat and other products with plants. The Transfarmation Project connects the two to create a better world for us all.

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Milk This Is Your Moment

Surge teamed up with Refarm’d, an organisation that helps dairy farmers transition to plant-based milk production to keep their livelihoods in agriculture, and Farmers For Stock-Free Farming, which offers resources and support to farmers so they can shift. They have provided an information pack on their website that outlines all the reasons for farmers to transition and includes information from farmers who have already made the change.

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A2Px is an agritech start up that uses technology to create a platform that benefits exclusively plant-based buyers and sellers in the food industry. The A2Px ibidding system platform connects plant-based buyers and sellers in an easy, efficient fashion and allows them to bypass international or monolithic supply companies, thereby giving plant-based buyers and sellers the needed leg up to become stronger, more profitable and more readily available in larger quantities to the general public to improve human health, the environment and, of course, animal welfare.

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