The Traylors

Richard and Cindy Traylor have 1 bull, 4 cows and 3 calves on their ranch in Huntsville, Texas. Richard and Cindy Traylor are the latest ranchers to transition in the Rancher Advocacy Program.  Cindy reached out to Reneé to save Honey, one of her beloved cows, when she realized that Richard was going to send Honey to the sale barn because of a chronic limp. She was considered collateral damage because of her inability to be mounted by the bull without further injury. Cindy called Reneé in tears begging for help. Reneé assured her that she would not let her down. Starlove Ranch, the 1st cattle ranch in Texas to transition in RAP agreed to be Honey’s new home. Once Renee got to the Traylor’s, it was discovered that Honey had a daughter that was going to be left behind. Richard’s soft heart led him to surrender Honeys daughter, Ginger as well. The Traylors are experiencing a huge shift as they leave behind animal farming in Huntsville, TX.​

“We were very impressed with how Renee and Tommy came into our home and talked to us about the Rancher Advocacy Program. We had no intention of inviting them in, but once they were in the kitchen we had a candid conversation. That conversation led us to RAP. We are now on a path to save our small herd from slaughter, and to recreate the land of the Traylor heritage.”

~ Cindy and Richard Traylor

While in their kitchen, Richard said: “I’m a hypocrite. I can’t call myself an environmentalist and be a cattle rancher–yall are walking the walk!”