Mushrooms are a smart choice for many transitioning farmers. Not only can your land and infrastructure be easily leveraged for this new operation (chicken coops can be repurposed to grow mushrooms!) but the high profitability of mushrooms make this a financially smart choice!

Mycelium: Using Mushrooms to Make Packaging Materials

Mycelium foam can be used in the same manner as polystyrene foam and, for many companies, it has become a popular material of choice.

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Vegan Mushroom Designer Offers Amazing Plant-Based Alternative

Could mushrooms provide the answer to a myriad of challenges facing the human race? In a word… yes! 

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Americans are discovering exotic mushrooms!

These are not the white or brown button mushrooms or even their more mature form called “portabella”, but a variety of delicious species that have been enjoyed by cultures around the world for millennia. Whether they are the beautiful yellow oyster mushroom (shown here growing on straw) or the flavorful shiitake (shown ready to be shipped) or any of a hundred other species, Americans are discovering what the rest of the world has long known: Mushrooms are marvelous!!. The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter is here to help you be successful with commercial mushroom farming whether you are the smallest or the largest grower in the world.

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Top Shelf Mushrooms

Producers of commercial mushroom grow blocks and professional grower consultation in Meaford Ontario.

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Growing Mushrooms: How to deal with mushroom pests

Mushrooms are one of the best cash crops for small farms and growing operations to invest in as they develop their business. Since these edible fungi don’t need sunlight, they’re grown inside and in a carefully controlled environment.

Aside from guaranteeing robust growth of these fungi, these operations can be an ideal breeding ground for a number of pests that can decimate a mushroom crop. Controlling and eradicating these pests should be a top concern for mushroom growers.

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