Climate Change Articles & Reports

Our mother earth is facing several environmental crises  – from global warming to land and air pollution – and animal agriculture is intensifying these challenges. Read these articles to learn more about the difference you can make by transitioning to plant-based agriculture.

Animal Agriculture is the Leading Cause of Climate Change

American’s love of beef is helping destroy the Amazon rainforest

 The Savory Method Can Not Green Deserts or Reverse Climate Change 

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These Apocalyptic Myths Are Coming True Thanks to Climate Change

New Jersey’s largest dairy farm nearly destroyed in tornado

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Amazon Rainforest Now Emits More CO2 Than It Absorbs For First Time

Veganism as a shining light in farming

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Climate Change and the American Diet

The Secret to Farming for the Climate

Shifting towards Sustainable Food Production and Consumption

Tackling the world’s most urgent problem: meat

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As Beef Comes Under Fire for Climate Impacts, the Industry Fights Back

What you eat impacts everyone.

Climate Change Is Already Costing Meat and Dairy Producers a Lot

Scientists call for renewed Paris pledges to transform agriculture – The Lancet Planetary Health