Cell Based Meat

Cell-based meat, also known as cultured, clean, lab-grown, and cultivated meat, is meat produced without killing the animal by cultivating its cells. Here’s a look at some big cell-based meat (and seafood) companies to watch as well as some interesting articles on the subject.

Aleph Farms

Using proprietary technology and a specially designed scaffold, Aleph Farms has found a way to grow muscle, fat, and connective tissue from animal cells cultivated outside the animal to create a fully formed steak, a major success in cell-based meat production that is often limited to ground meat products.

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Mosa Meat

Most Meat wants to cause a planet-sized impact.This means getting as many people together as possible enjoying kinder beef burgers, so that we have a better planet to live on.

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The Dutch startup Meatable is pioneering a way of producing real meat without harm. Change without compromise, the best of all worlds.

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Wildtype is on a mission to create the cleanest, most sustainable seafood on the planet, starting with salmon.

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Memphis Meat

Memphis Meats’ mission is to bring delicious, healthy meat to your table by harvesting it from cells instead of animals. They call it cell-cultured meat, and their goal is to transform how food gets to the plate, while continuing to eat what we love. Same great taste, better for the planet.

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Eat Just

Eat Just, which is best known for its plant-based eggs, is also developing its own cell-based meats, including chicken nuggets and chicken breast.

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BlueNalu’s mission is to be the global leader in cell-cultured seafood, providing consumers with great tasting, healthy, safe and trusted products that support the sustainability and diversity of our ocean. 

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Higher Steaks

Using state-of-the-art cell culture techniques, Higher Steaks take a small sample of cells from an animal. They then expand those cells by feeding these cells a rich and animal free growth media. When these cells have grown, they guide them to become muscle, fat and other types of tissue in order to form the desired meat product.

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New Age Meats

New Age Meats grows real meat, dense with flavor, from the cells of unharmed animals. From there they add plants for texture, taste, and health. The result? A delicious culinary experience that satisfies on every level.

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Following are some articles on the subject of cell-based meat.

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