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Cow and sheep burps to be taxed by New Zealand in world first

Cow and sheep burps are to be taxed by New Zealand in a world-first draft plan to put a price on agricultural emissions in a bid to tackle one of the country’s biggest sources of greenhouse gases.

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The Field Report: Conservation Dollars Funding CAFOs Instead of Soil Health

Federal conservation programs are supposed to distribute taxpayer dollars to farmers who use practices that improve water quality, build soil health, and preserve and restore ecosystems. But a portion of the funding supports practices that some say fail to deliver on those goals.

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What Farmers Can Learn From The Hog Nuisance Suits in North Carolina

What can farmers learn from the nuisance suits against Smithfield Foods? Andy Curliss, CEO of the North Carolina Pork Council, spoke to two Iowa pork groups recently about the lawsuits in his state and what farmers should know and watch out for.

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US poultry giant Tyson using land ‘twice the size of New Jersey’ for animal feed, study says

Industrial farming: research by the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates huge amounts of land being used for feed crops

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Netherlands announces €25bn plan to radically reduce livestock numbers

The Dutch government has unveiled a €25bn (£21bn) plan to radically reduce the number of livestock in the country as it struggles to contain an overload of animal manure.

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Beef washing in Brazil: The conspiracy worth millions

Sky News witnesses the illegal and unregulated beef production in Para state. Ranchers in the Amazon rainforest are cutting down trees to make space for illegally raising cattle.

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Farmed Animals Lack Legal Protections. What Needs to Change?

By now it has become common knowledge—at least within animal protection circles—that legal protections for farmed animals are woefully lacking.

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Billionaire Icahn steps up campaign against McDonald's pig farm practices

Billionaire Carl Icahn has nominated two allies to the board of McDonald’s, the company confirmed Sunday, part of the activist investor’s campaign against pig-farming practices used in the fast-food giant’s supply chains.

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Plan to Reduce Feral Cattle in New Mexico Draws Objections

Most everyone agrees the unbranded animals are a problem in Gila National Forest. But fear that the federal plan involves shooting them from a helicopter has led to sharp local opposition.

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Got milk? Yes, actually, U.S. has too much.

Some parts of the nation have seen localized spikes in milk prices. But most of the nation is facing an oversupply of milk — a challenge policy makers have been struggling to address.

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Maine is in danger of losing some of its best agricultural land to solar farms

There is a finite number of acres in Maine that can produce crops and support agricultural farms. Only 13 percent of the state is suitable farmland, according to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

In recent years, those acres have been targeted by solar farm developers. The most desirable land for large solar farms is at least 25 acres, flat, open to the sun, easily accessible by good roads and near existing power lines.

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Lawsuits Over ‘Misleading’ Food Labels Surge as Groups Cite Lax U.S. Oversight

A flurry of litigation by advocacy groups seeks to combat what they say is a rise in deceptive marketing by food giants.

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U.S. Dairy Cows Too Expensive to Feed, Causing Herd to Plummet

The number of dairy cows in the U.S. is plunging at a pace not seen in more than a decade, signaling elevated costs for products like butter.

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‘How can we grow new forests if we don’t have enough trees to plant?’

As nurseries run low on stock and labour shortages grow, industry warns Tory pledge cannot be kept

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Beef Industry Tries to Erase Its Emissions With Fuzzy Methane Math

Scientists with the world’s top climate organization made reducing meat consumption an official policy recommendation in 2019, echoing what environmentalists had urged for years: Eating less meat, in particular beef, reduces the large volume of emissions attributed to livestock. That guidance has only accelerated efforts by the beef industry to discredit the notion that strip steaks and cheeseburgers are climate culprits.

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Livestock industry lobbying UN to support more meat production

Meat and dairy groups threaten to stop contributing to international summit on food sustainability after critical voices invited

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Vegan Cheese Queen Miyoko Schinner Scores Big Win VS Dairy Industry

Miyoko Schinner, the Queen of vegan cheese, founder and CEO of the California-based MIYOKO’S CREAMERY,  recently won a HUGE legal victory against the dairy industry and their allies in the California government.

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The last days of the Havemeister Dairy: Alaska’s oldest commercial milk producer is shutting down

As a sharp wind brought the first raindrops of a fall storm, the cows inside the Havemeister Dairy barn pushed their faces into piles of hay, snuffing and chomping, a decades-old ritual.

By Friday, they’ll be gone.

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