RAP 101

What we know… Ranchers love the land and their animals.  So how do we help them find a different way?

RAP’s mission is to provide inspiration, resources and guidance to ranchers who are ready to evolve to a lifestyle of compassion for their animals whom they love and embrace life-affirming choices and business practices.

The Rancher Advocacy Program is a result of our founder’s personal experiences with ranchers and their families who have contacted her to start a dialogue and to learn how Renee and Tommy converted their former ranching operation in Texas. Our mission at RAP is to support all ranchers who have the hope and dream of transitioning their ranch away from using their animals as profit and evolve to a business model that allows ranchers and their families to save and care for the animals while they use their land and heritage to make a living in an environmentally friendly and financially sustainable way.

The Rancher Advocacy Program’s goal is to have personal contact with fifty (50) ranchers per year.  We are proactively positioned to influence ranchers in the state of Texas and across the United States through the program’s activities.  Our long-term strategic goal is to engage with ranchers anywhere in the world who reach out to us within a few years. At any given time, the RAP team is conversing with ranchers every week.  

What is the Goal of RAP?

The goal of the Rancher Advocacy Program is to provide a support system and viable business solutions to ranchers and their families before or when they face the challenges of emotional, environmental, ethical, financial, and social conflicts that arise in a world evolving away from the use of animals and animal products for food, clothing, experiments and entertainment.  The RAP team are rancher’s allies, and they will offer support, encouragement, and resources as you transition your working ranch into an environmental and animal friendly farm.   

What RAP Offers

We offer a way for ranchers and their families to:

  • Feel emotionally supported as they make the connections of true compassion for their animals.
  • Maintain personal integrity while exploring options that will offer them alternative models for their land.
  • Affirm with greater purpose their family history, heritage, culture, and traditions so that future generations will still have great pride in their ancestry.
  • Be educated on plant-based and veganic farming.
  • Be free from the bondage of animal agriculture.

RAP aims to rapidly facilitate growth in the plant-based food industries, Veganic Farming, Solar Farming and Wind Farming.  We are also exploring other groundbreaking technologies and business models that may be brought into RAP in the future. Our RAP R&D Team are working diligently to solve the problems we all face in the world we live in today.

If you’re interested in learning about RAP’s successes, meet our Ranchers in Transition.  If you’re ready to start the RAP process, click on the Rancher Intake Form for step by step instructions on what we need to help you.  If you’d like more information on the RAP Coalition, click on the RAP Coalition Application. If you’re a rancher who has already transitioned to a veganic way of farming or are a member of a rancher family, we invite you to apply for a seat on our Rancher Advisory Committee.