A blueprint without the moo print.
Miyoko’s Creamery is revolutionizing the dairy industry with plants, from farmer-to-table on a world-changing scale. We’re on a mission to create the blueprint for the animal-free transformation of the dairy industry for the urgent salvation of the planet and all living beings.



World class cheese & butter.
World changingly made from plant milks.
Miyoko cracked the code to making real, fermented cheese and butter from plant milks that not only rival their animal dairy counterparts they surpass them on every level, from taste, nutrition, sustainability and ethics.


No Udder Compares.
We don’t mimic cheese and butter, we better it. Our proprietary combination of old world cheesemaking and new world plant based innovation delivers all the deliciousness of traditional dairy foods with the world changing benefits of veganism. Traditionally fermented and organic our award winning products range from ultra-premium artisan vegan cheese wheels to fine European cultured butters and mozzarella to cream cheese to cheddar & pepper jack to pub-style cheeses. Miyoko’s Creamery products can be found at over 19,000 stores in the US, and are distributed in Canada, South Africa, Australia and Singapore.

About Miyoko Schinner

Founder & CEO / Miyoko’s Creamery

Phenomenally Vegan™
Recognized by the United Nations as a ‘Vegan Revolutionary’ in its ‘The Future of Women’ global initiative, Miyoko Schinner, Founder & CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery, is an epicurean activist who is leading charge towards the animal-free dairy food system of tomorrow. As an author, chef, speaker, entrepreneur, and pioneer in the future of food, Miyoko has dedicated her life to inspiring compassion through the joy of food and the positivity plants to drive social and environmental change. Miyoko also co-founded Rancho Compasión, a nonprofit animal sanctuary in California, providing home to over 120 rescued farm animals.