The Rancher Advocacy Program is for YOU

The Rancher Advocacy Program was designed specifically for you – our ranchers and their immediate families – to provide clarity and solutions in a supportive environment and to assist you in the transition towards compassionate business choices.   You will be presented with a range of business models that allow you and your family to make a difference in the world by contributing to the health and longevity of our planet and to achieve prosperity in our growing ecosystem of plant-based food options and other innovative solutions away from animal agriculture.

The RAP team recognizes that family ranchers and their families are the salt of the earth and their traditions are interwoven into the fabric and history of the land to which they’ve dedicated their lives.  Our capitalistic society is rooted and grounded in using cattle and other farmed animals as commodities. Our generation is motivated to soften, change and ultimate evolve traditional ranching methodologies by creating new practices that will shape this and future generations through revolutionary solutions that protect and preserve our environment and our health. Together we will create a new socio-economic, supportive model for ranchers that is financially viable that respects and honors the traditions and heritage of ranching culture.