Starlove Ranch

Hollie and Davey Schacherl – STARLOVE RANCH, Giddings, Texas

Almost two years ago, Davey and I packed up our two dogs, two Pygmy Goats, and our cat and left Austin to move out to his family’s cattle ranch. Our goal was create a more sustainable life style that was integrated into the natural world. When we arrived, there was a herd of cattle living on site; in order to maintain property tax breaks cattle had been raised and auctioned for decades. Both Vegan, Davey and I quickly realized we could not be comfortable knowing these cows would eventually end up at the slaughterhouse. We knew we had to save them but we didn’t know how. We felt alone and hopeless. A friend told me about Renee at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and I could not believe there were other people that had been in our situation! And in Texas! I reached out to Renee and she instantly sprang into action, strategizing ways we could achieve our goals and connecting us with other like minded activists. She was a beacon of hope and a huge inspiration for us. I still can’t believe there are organizations like the Rancher Advocacy Program existing to help ranchers who have had a change of heart and want to live a more compassionate life style, but I’m so grateful that there are. It is truly a symbol of the changes happening in our world!
Thank you Renee!