Seth – Kingsbury, Texas

Seth and his family lives in Kingsbury, Texas on a little more than 20 acres – they used to farm cattle, chickens and pigs until they went vegan a little over a year ago – since that time they have dwindled their farm down to a few pigs and have a real desire to convert the farm to a 100% underground greenhouse with fruit trees and gardens as well. 

Message from Seth:

I heard about this program after talking with Rowdy Girl Sanctuary about possibly taking in our pigs. I explained that we had been eating plant based for almost a year, and we were looking for a safe place to relocate our pigs. What we hope to accomplish is to convert our land into a food forest, and a sanctuary for people and animals to be safe. We want to be producing 90% of all the food we need. We want to help people learn how to work the land and produce all there own food. Along with teaching other practical knowledge like building, cooking, canning, and horticulture.