Karin Olsen

Vegan for eight years, Karin Olsen is passionate about sharing her plant-based lifestyle and promoting vegan products, people, and places.

For many years, Karin worked in PR and marketing in Los Angeles and New York primarily focusing on entertainment, content delivery and technology. In the late 90s, she started AMAZONpr and worked with such companies as Fandango and CinemaNow. She now lives in Dallas where she recently launched Plant Power Productions and started consulting with VegWorld Magazine.

Karin’s vegan interests started early. Growing up in cattle country, she knew from a young age she didn’t like eating meat and didn’t understand why some animals were considered pets and others food. Professionally and personally, Karin is devoted to helping people heal themselves through food as medicine / plants-not-pills as well as stopping the systemic abuse of animals raised for food or food production