Jaime Sirna

Jaime started out in the hospitality industry, was trained at a college level for Culinary and Hotel Management and was running successful large restaurants by the age of 21. She began her bond with animals at the age of six and eventually got into starting young horses. At the age of 13 she made the connection where her food was coming from – she stopped eating meat. Later she worked for a private farm Sanctuary for 6 years, rescuing over 50 farmed animals and rehabilitating using natural horsemanship methods. She’s always rescued wildlife and was a founding member of a large dog rescue group in 2012. She furthered her understanding of Animal Behaviour and Welfare in 2015 after taking a course through University of Guelph. There she grasped there was no ethical form of using animals, and began living a vegan life. Jaime is now the Director of Marketing at The Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay and is Co-Founder & Executive Director at Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary, home of Brian the Steer.

Jaime brings forth an extensive knowledge of livestock health and behaviour, homeopathic treatment and knowledgeable activism for the meat and dairy industry abolition. She creates ads and directs social media for the plant-based cheese company, The Frauxmagerie Ltd. out of Meaford, Canada. Jaime is responsible for all new product launches, orchestrating package design and branding for the dairy-free company that’s been in operation for 9 months and already taken the vegan cheese market by storm.

Jaime has been contacted by a few cattle farmers wondering how to transition to vegan farming – that’s what led her to meet Renee online. When she learnt there were others already making these major changes from Texas reaching across the world, she had to be a part of it. She offered her Marketing skills, along with extensive animal knowledge and personal accounts of running Sanctuaries. She is most passionate about outreach and hoping to eventually offer information sessions for Canadian cattle farmers. Jaime sees a cruelty-free future resulting from this support group – the world is ready for the Rancher’s Advocacy Program.