Dr. Ted Crawford

Dr. Ted Crawford is a board certified family practice physician who is the Medical Director for Sun Life Family Health Center, a Community Health Center in southern Arizona. Sun Life is the largest provider of primary care in Pinal County, Arizona.

Dr. Crawford was born and raised in rural Iowa where his father owned a livestock trucking business which transported cattle and hogs to the stockyards and slaughterhouses of Omaha and Chicago. Dr. Crawford and his wife Barbee adopted a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle over six years go and after experiencing the many positive benefits on their own health, he began promoting and advocating this way of eating to his patients. He has given several presentations to groups and at conferences often bringing patients of his along to share their testimonials. He was featured in the recent documentary “Eating You Alive”.

Dr. Crawford graduated from medical school at Des Moines University of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. He did his post graduate residency training in the U.S. Air Force and moved to Arizona in 1988.

You can learn more by going to Dr. Crawford’s website at www.drherbivore.com.