Dani Alexander

Dani Alexander is a growing figure of the Animal Rights community. She worked to form several animal activism organizations. She has been a notable member of PETA for her work against SeaWorld and the dog labs of Texas A&M, and was instrumental in the removal of mink lashes from a local eyelash retailer.

Dani first entered the activism community several years ago, when she volunteered to attend a local Rodeo protest. Since then, she has worked with local activism leaders and PETA organizers continuously. She has organized over 100 protests, demonstrations, and other actions, and is a regular attendee at actions all throughout the United States. Dani focuses on PETA style events and demonstrations and has a working relationship with several PETA organizers due to years of volunteering. She has worked on PETA campaigns against SeaWorld, Texas A&M dog labs, Animal Dissection in schools, and many others. Dani lives and works in Houston, Texas.