Angela – Yoakum, Texas

Angela’s story starts in Yoakum, Texas. I met Angela a few years ago at a Texas healthfest. It was there that Angela approached me and was very curious about how me and Tommy had changed our cattle ranch operation. By chance I recently saw her again at the Corpus Christi Vegfest and she came up to me and reminded me of who she was. She informed me that after meeting me at the healthfest, she went vegan. And, she has convinced her husband not to eat animals anymore either, though he still insists on staying in the business. Angela’s dream is to save the cows and to stop sending the babies to slaughter. She wants to get out of the business and start a sanctuary but that’s her dream and the rancher husband is not going to be so easy to convince. But, where there is a will there is always a way once the ranchers wife goes vegan and makes up her mind to save the cows. More will be revealed.