Ananda Bhavani

Ananda was raised in a small alternative yoga community in the midwest and grew up riding horses through the woods and enjoying the silence and space of nature. The daughter of a painter, she was fascinated by the arts from a young age, experimenting with painting, photography, music & design. Creative expression in all forms propelled her forward.

Through travel & exploration of remote places around the world, a deep curiosity of inter-connectedness and passion for sustainability grew and began to shape her professional career. After over a decade of experience in the apparel industry, her goal is to merge the world of design with passion, purpose, and sustainable innovation. 

She is always interested in aligning with companies and individuals who are driven to make the world a better place + to inspire others. She is also passionate about cooking amazing vegan food, exploring the gorgeous scenery in the bay area, and spending time with her awesome 13 year-old son.